Responsible business practice

As an internationally operating logistics company, our business is subject to a wide range of influences and impacts, and with them to opportunity and risk. We see change as an incentive to develop sustainable solutions to strengthen our business now and in the future.

Our Code of Conduct forms the basis of and sets out the expectations for the ethically, socially and legally correct behavior of the Group and our staff. Our Supplier Code of Conduct forms the basis for supplier relations. As an integral component of our contracts with suppliers, it places our suppliers under obligation to observe the strategic goals and values of Deutsche Post DHL Group and to ensure that their own business partners and subcontractors adhere to our standards as well.

The long-term business success of Deutsche Post DHL Group is built upon responsible business practice. By making it a central component of our corporate strategy, we ensure that our business dealings are in line with prevailing law and meet ethical standards and international guidelines, and we require our suppliers to do the same. Another important aspect of responsible business practice is building and maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders, who have grown to expect responsible, values-driven business practices when choosing Deutsche Post DHL Group as their provider, employer or investment of choice.

Responsible business practice also means adopting innovative measures and increasing the efficiency of existing structures. This helps us not only to identify business opportunities at an early stage and effectively mitigate risk, but to strengthen the reputation of the Group as well. In this way, we generate and secure business potential, contributing directly to our long-term business success.

Ensuring the stability and robustness of our business operations and supply chains around the world is of utmost importance. The Group’s resilience management activities address many of our material issues and are performed by the Global Business Services function.

  • Standards in the value chain: Corporate Procurement selects suppliers and ensures that they observe our standards and values in their own supply chains.
  • Compliance: Our compliance management system focuses on antitrust and competition law, bribery and corruption, as well as fraud and embezzlement for purposes of self-enrichment.
  • Data protection & security: This involves safeguarding information against unauthorized access, ensuring both the integrity and availability of data by maintaining stable IT systems as well as ensuring adherence to our data protection standards as laid down in the Deutsche Post DHL Group Data Privacy Policy.
  • Corporate Security: A Group-wide security management system ensures the security of our employees, sites and supply chains worldwide. Using in-depth risk and trend analyses, we assess potential business security risks and develop appropriate measures to protect our logistics systems and networks.
  • Occupational health and safety: Our risk management organization creates insurance benefits programs for our employees in regions where social healthcare coverage is either insufficient or does not exist. In the section on Employees & Workplace we report on our occupational health and safety activities and measures.

Group-wide exchange of knowledge and information

We use a Group-wide Responsible Business Practice (RBP) network to coordinate the main aspects of responsible management practice across divisions and functions. Network discussions focus on potential new challenges in the various business areas. As part of this process, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders to ensure their expectations are taken into account.