Management approach & targets


At Deutsche Post DHL Group, data are some of our most sensitive and valuable assets. How we use technology both to protect our data and ensure the integrity and availability of our IT systems is outlined in the “Data security” section. Group-wide implementation of our standards to safeguard personal data is covered in the “Data protection” section.

For a multinational company, the international flow of data poses a particular challenge, especially when it comes to protecting personal data. Given the many countries in which we operate, we must observe what can often be very different data protection rules and regulations. In our growth market e-commerce as well as in international logistics, customers place great value on data protection compliance.

We have thus adopted our own standards which are laid down in our Data Privacy Policy and apply throughout the Group. In countries where there are no prevailing data protection rules or regulations, our policy serves as the basis for setting the binding minimum standard for protecting data. With the support of legal counsel, we ensure that we comply with our own Data Privacy Policy as well as with prevailing national data protection rules or regulations.

With high security standards and a comprehensive IT security management approach, we protect business and personal data against unauthorized access, transmission or manipulation. We also ensure that our systems can operate in the event of failure or disruption.

KPIs & targets


High data protection standards are integral to the Deutsche Post DHL Group brand, and IT security is of critical importance to our business operations. Our stakeholder groups see both of these issues as major factors of our business success. Given the sensitive nature of our data protection indicators, we do not disclose this data externally.