Management approach & targets

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Ethically and legally correct conduct – which we believe includes preventing corruption and anti-competitive practice – is the principle which guides how we treat one another within the Group. It also governs how we deal with our business partners, investors and the public sector. CompliantThe adherence to laws and regulations, standards, company policies and self-commitments. behavior plays a key role in ensuring lasting success at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

As a globally active logistics provider, we operate in countries with very different political systems, laws, and cultural values. We thus observe prevailing national laws and regulations. These include:

  • Internationally accepted anti-corruption standards and principles, such as those laid down in the UN Global Compact
  • Applicable anti-corruption and bribery laws, such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act

We also adhere to the principles laid down in the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).


In addition to our corporate Code of Conduct, our Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics Policy helps us to avoid situations which could call the integrity of our conduct toward our customers, suppliers, authorities and other important third-parties into question. With our Supplier Code of Conduct, we expect our business partners to adhere to these same high standards and values. The Supplier Code of Conduct is an integral part of all contracts we enter into with suppliers. In order to detect compliance-related risks at an early stage and identify their causes, we conduct regular risk assessments in all our business divisions and regions.

Our managers serve as role models. We expect them to lead by example in both behavior and values, foster both the corporate culture and the principles of Deutsche Post DHL Group in everything they do, and communicate these values to our business partners. Through targeted communication and regular training, we help our employees and business partners to both understand and adhere to our compliance policy and rules. We also encourage our employees to be alert to compliance violations and to report them through various internal channels, including our dedicated Compliance Hotline. Compliance is thus an integral part of our corporate culture and is lived out at all levels of the Group.

KPIs & targets


We see compliance as a prerequisite for business success worldwide. This perception is shared by our various stakeholder groups. Thus, as a material issue, compliance is managed according to predefined indicators. As this information involves sensitive data, we do not disclose this data externally.