Disaster management – GoHelp

The Group’s global GoHelp program includes all emergency relief measures in the wake of natural disasters as well as disaster preparedness measures in disaster-prone regions.

Our GoHelp program leverages Deutsche Post DHL Group’s logistics expertise and global logistics network to support the United Nations, making us part of a global humanitarian system. The strategic partnership between Deutsche Post DHL Group and the UN, which has existed for over ten years now, was extended in 2016 for an additional three years. Any contributions and services provided by the Group through GoHelp are free of charge.

Disaster management at Deutsche Post DHL Group

Disaster management at Deutsche Post DHL Group

GoHelp provides disaster management support to airports, enhancing logistics know-how and professionalism in two ways:

  • As a preventative measure, our GARD workshops (Get Airports Ready for Disaster) prepare airports in disaster-prone regions for the possibility of a disaster-related emergency response (disaster preparedness).
  • Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) provide emergency aid and ensure that the arriving relief supplies are managed efficiently and received by the authorized aid organizations (disaster response).

Both GoHelp programs (GARD and DRT) are very well received and respected both inside and outside the company.