Seeing the bigger picture

At Deutsche Post DHL Group, corporate responsibility is far more than the sum of our sustainability activities. It’s about action based on a big-picture approach. To be truly impactful, ideas and measures must not only be aligned with the requirements of both the business and the needs of the stakeholders. They must also play into a larger, global strategy.

Responsibility transcends geographic and organizational boundaries. That’s why we – as a company and as a part of society – take the long view, developing visions that go beyond our day-to-day business needs. Given the social and economic challenges we face now and into the future, big-picture thinking and actions to match are what’s needed from all of us.

To do this we need to connect the dots on a grander scale while never losing sight of the details.

  • We take a local approach to global issues.
  • While our engagement spans a variety of social and environmental issues, our activities are harmonized within a framework of core action areas, defined in dialogue with our stakeholders.
  • We are leading the way in innovative and sustainable solutions and rely on continuous improvement to remain an innovation leader.
  • While tailored to regional and divisional needs, the measures we develop also contribute to the company’s overall performance.
  • And we continually measure and report on our progress made toward achieving the long-term goals we set for ourselves.

We are not the only ones who believe we are on the right track – stakeholder feedback as well the positive assessment of our sustainability strategy through various independent CR rating agencies tell us so.

Communicating our big-picture approach to sustainability is important to us. Our Corporate Responsibility Report provides a detailed account of our core action areas and our current CR activities in 2016.