Management process

PwC 18, 19

Deutsche Post DHL Group has set ambitious goals for combining sustainability with business success. Reaching these goals requires that we understand and honor the expectations of our stakeholdersIndividuals or groups of individuals affected by a company’s business operations. – especially employees, customers and investors – and continuously improve our performance in the area of corporate responsibility. Our CR management process provides the framework for a systematic approach to CR activities that allows for transparency and measurability. Structure and openness serve as two guiding principles:

  • Any information we receive from our stakeholder dialogues, initiatives and partnerships, or CR ratings, for example, is carefully considered and assessed for its relevance to our business (openness).
  • We apply a management process to systematically identify material issues and define specific actions, goals and KPIs (structure).

We report to our stakeholders on progress made and take this opportunity to gather additional input from them. In addition, we consider the recommendations of the independent experts who make up the Sustainability Advisory Council.

The insights gained from this continuous process are fed back into the management cycle on an ongoing basis. The steps taken to produce the 2015 materiality analysis are described in the Annex of this report. In 2017, we will review the material issues by way of a materiality analysis and assess stakeholder expectations as well as our impact.

Corporate respsonsibility management process

Corporate respsonsibility management process