Focus areas

PwC 18, 19, 20, 21, 27

Our Group-wide activities and objectives in the area of sustainability are focused on five main areas:

  • Organization & strategy 
    As part of an ongoing CR management process, we identify relevant issues for our sustainability agenda and make sure we are on track to achieve our strategic goal of becoming a benchmark company for responsible business. Through continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and feedback from internal and external CR committees, we ensure that the company remains mindful of stakeholder expectations in the area of society and environment.
  • Employees & workplace 
    Our goal is to create a corporate culture of openness, trust, non-discrimination and long-term loyalty based on mutual appreciation and respect. Recruiting the right people to fill open positions and continuously motivating and developing our existing workforce worldwide are among the most important functions of our human resources management. These are the key factors for our success.
  • Principles & guidelines 
    Through responsible business practice, which is firmly embedded in our corporate strategy, we ensure that our business operates in accordance with applicable laws, ethical standards and international guidelines. In this way, we make a contribution to society and create business opportunities while minimizing business and investment risk for us, our customers and our investors. At the same time we continuously enhance our reputation as a company and employer.
  • Society & engagement 
    We mobilize our core strengths and competencies as the world’s leading mail and logistics company for the good of society and the environment, and encourage our employees to engage as volunteers in local communities and causes. Through corporate citizenship we contribute to improved living conditions in communities around the world.
  • Environment & solutions 
    Due to their importance, our green logistics solutions are anchored in our corporate strategy; these environmentally-friendly products and services create value for society and the environment while also creating business value for our company and our customers (Shared Value). We have set our sights on an ambitious goal: by 2050 we want to achieve net zero transport-related emissions and contribute to the two-degree goal established at the 2015 UN Paris Climate Conference (COP 21).