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As a listed German public limited company, Deutsche Post AG has a dual management structure. The Board of Management is responsible for the management of the company. It is appointed, overseen and advised by the Supervisory Board. The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board are in regular dialogue regarding strategic measures, planning, business development, risk exposure and risk management as well as company complianceThe adherence to laws and regulations, standards, company policies and self-commitments.. The Supervisory Board Report in the 2016 Annual Report provides information on the main issues discussed and decisions made by the Supervisory Board.

The Board of Management


The Board of Management, with the consent of the Supervisory Board, has established rules of procedure that lay down, among other things, the cooperation within the Board of Management. As such, Board members manage their departments independently and regularly informs the rest of the Board about key developments. The Board of Management as a whole decides on matters of particular significance for the company or the Group. These include all decisions which, pursuant to the rules of procedure, must be presented to the Supervisory Board for approval as well as those tasks the Board is statutorily prohibited from delegating. In making their decisions, Board of Management members may neither pursue personal interests nor exploit for their own benefit business opportunities to which the company is entitled. They are required to disclose any conflicts of interest to the Supervisory Board without delay. The Articles of Association can be viewed on the Group website.

The Board of Management currently consists of five members. The curriculum vitae of the Board of Management members, as well as additional mandates, can be found on the Group website.

Organizational changes to the Board of Management


In May 2016 Tim Scharwath was named member of the Board of Management responsible for the Global Forwarding, Freight division. He will assume his duties by June 2017.

At his own request, Lawrence Rosen resigned effective September 30, 2016 as member of the Board of Management responsible for Finance and Global Business Services and entered retirement. Melanie Kreis was named Mr. Rosen’s successor; pending further notice, she will continue to serve as Board Member for Human Resources and Labor Director for Deutsche Post AG.

Board of Management members

Dr. Frank Appel

Chief Executive Officer
Global Business Services
Global Forwarding, Freight¹

Born in 1961
Member since Nov. 2002
Appointed until Oct. 2022

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Functions  CEO

  • Board Services
  • Corporate Legal
  • Customer Solutions & Innovation
  • Corporate Office
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Executives
  • Corporate Heritage & Industry Associations
  • Corporate Communications & Corporate Responsibility
  • Corporate Public Policy & Regulation Management
  • Global Business Services (Corporate Procurement,
    Corporate Real Estate, IT Services, Insurance & Risk
    Management etc.)

Business Units Global Forwarding, Freight

  • Global Forwarding
  • Freight

¹ Pending further notice, Dr. Frank Appel is also responsible for the Global Forwarding, Freight division.

Curriculum vitae


1989 MSc. Chemistry, University of Munich, Germany

1993 PhD. Neurobiology, ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Switzerland

Career development

1993 McKinsey & Co., Germany: Consultant and Project Manager

1999 McKinsey & Co.: Election to Partner - Member of German Business Management

2000 Deutsche Post AG: Managing Director, Corporate Development

2002 Deutsche Post AG: Member of the Board of Management

2008 Deutsche Post AG: Chief Executive Officer

¹ Pending further notice, Dr. Frank Appel is also responsible for the Global Forwarding, Freight division.

Curriculum vitae
Ken Allen


Born in 1955
Member since Feb. 2009
Appointed until July 2020

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  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA (Middle East and Africa)
Curriculum vitae


1971 11 GCE 'O'-levels, 'A' level in accounting

1982 Chartered Certified Accountant (F. C. C. A.)

Career development

1972 - 1982 Various UK manufacturing companies

1982 - 1985 International Catering & Hotel Company

1985 Entry into DHL Express

1985 - 2004 Various responsibilities at DHL Express Middle East

2004 - 2006 Deutsche Post AG - President DHL Express Canada

2006 Deutsche Post AG - CEO DHL Express EEMEA

2008 Deutsche Post AG - CEO DHL Express USA

2009 Deutsche Post AG - Member of the Board of Management

Jürgen Gerdes

Post - eCommerce - Parcel

Born in 1964
Member since Feb. 2007
Appointed until June 2020

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Business Units

  • Post
  • eCommerce - Parcel
Curriculum vitae


1987 University Degree in Administration with Deutsche Post

1994 Degree in Business Administration at Münster University

Career development

1984 Deutsche Post AG

1999 Member of the Divisional Board MAIL Germany

2007 Deutsche Post AG: Member of the Board of Management

John Gilbert

Supply Chain

Born in 1963
Member since March 2014
Appointed until March 2022

More information

Business Units

  • Supply Chain
  • Williams Lea (excl. Williams Lea Deutschland)
Curriculum vitae


1985 Bachelor of Science, Operations Management, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

1990 MBA George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Career development

1986 - 1992 Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Arlington, VA

1992 - 1994 DCB & Company, Atlanta, GA

1994 - present Deutsche Post DHL (formerly Exel plc.):

1994 - 1997 Various positions within Excel plc.

1997 - 2000 Vice President, Solution Design

2000 - 2004 Vice President, Consumer/Retail Operations

2004 - 2008 President, Consumer/Life Sciences Americas

since 2008 Americas CEO, DHL Supply Chain

since 2013 Chairman and CEO, Williams Lea

since 2014 Member of the Board of Management

Melanie Kreis

Finance, HR

Born in 1971
Member since Oct. 2014
Appointed until June 2022

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Functions – Finance

  • Corporate Accounting & Controlling
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Internal Audit & Security
  • Taxes
  • Divisional Finance organizations
  • Legal Services

Functions – Human Resources

  • Corporate HR Germany
  • Corporate HR Standards & Programs
  • Corporate HR International
  • Divisional HR organizations
Curriculum vitae


1994 Master's Degree in Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

1997 Diploma in Physics, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University, Bonn, Germany

2000 Master of Business Administration, INSEAD, France

Career development

1997 - 2000 McKinsey&Company, Inc., Germany

2000 - 2004 Apax Partners & Co., Germany and UK

2004 - present Deutsche Post DHL:

2004 - 2006 Carious positions within DPDHL

2006 - 2009 Executive Vice President Corporate Office, Corporate Organization

2010 - 2013 Executive Vice President, Corporate Controlling DPDHL

2013 - 2014 CFO, DHL Express

since 2014 Member of the Board of Management

The Supervisory Board





The Supervisory Board advises and oversees the Board of Management; it also appoints the members of the Board of Management. It has established rules of procedure that include the fundamental principles of its internal structure, a catalog of Board of Management transactions requiring its approval, as well as rules for the Supervisory Board committees. It meets at least twice every half calendar year. Special meetings are held whenever particular developments or measures need to be discussed or decided quickly. In addition, the Supervisory Board has six committees that are charged primarily with preparing the resolutions of the Supervisory Board’s plenary meetings. The Supervisory Board delegates ultimate decision-making on individual issues to the committees.

The Supervisory Board has 20 members, including ten shareholder representatives who are elected by the Annual General Meeting and ten employee representatives who are elected by employees in accordance with the provisions of the German Corporate Governance Codex.

All members of the Supervisory Board are independent as defined in the German Corporate Governance Codex. Women comprise 40% of the Supervisory Board. This exceeds the legal requirement in Germany.

The curriculum vitae of the shareholder representatives and the composition of Supervisory Board committees can be found on our Group website.