Continuously improving networks and route planning

We achieve additional efficiency gains by optimizing our route and network planning, switching to other modes of transport and optimizing capacity usage. Here’s a look at some of the projects implemented in the reporting year:

  • Alternative modes of transportation: We expanded the use of bicycle couriers for express deliveries in the reporting year, with bike couriers now on the streets in 58 cities in twelve different European countries. The second generation DHL Cubicyle, a special cargo bicycle, was also rolled out in the Netherlands. The new model features electronic locks, a lighter cargo box, and a faster loading system.
  • Network optimization: In Japan our Supply Chain division introduced a new transport solution which integrates all modes of transport and can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of customers. The centerpiece of this solution is a control tower housing more than 20 employees who centrally administer and optimize incoming orders. DHL’s proprietary solution “ConnectedTransport” ensures not only maximum transparency for customers regarding their order status, but also helps optimize fuel consumption with improved capacity utilization and combined use of different modes of transport.