Efficiency management

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As a global logistics provider we maintain our own fleets and buildings and rely on additional capacity provided by subcontractors. In the area of ocean and rail freight, we work together with subcontracted shipping and rail companies.

We continuously improve the efficiency of our own fleets and buildings with the help of a comprehensive efficiency management system which includes the use of innovative technologies. The Group’s Investment Policy requires verification that any new acquisitions offer greater carbon efficiency or be more environmentally friendly than existing assets, which is why advanced efficiency technologies are already standard equipment in many of our fleets and buildings.

All of our efficiency measures are guided by two basic principles: “burn less” and “burn clean”. “Burn less” measures help us reduce the energy and fuel consumption of our operations while “burn clean” measures allow us to tap additional potential for emissions reductions. This approach also has a positive impact on local air pollution and noise.

Efficiency improvement approach

Efficiency improvement approach