Health & occupational safety: Management approach & targets

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The health, well-being and safety of our approximately 510,000 employees around the world are top priorities at Deutsche Post DHL Group and we are committed to ensuring safe and healthful workplaces for all. Health and occupational safety are therefore fundamentally important issues for us. The materiality of occupational safety for the Group has also been confirmed by our stakeholders.

Health & occupational safety at
Deutsche Post DHL Group

Health & occupational safety at Deutsche Post DHL Group

Our management approach sets out to address the growing demands of changing work environments, demographic shifts and global trends in health, occupational safety and well-being. As laid out in the Group’s Health, Safety & Well-being Strategy, our efforts are based on the World Health Organization’s Healthy Workplace Model and address the following four dimensions: the physical work environment, the psychosocial work environment, personal health resources and community involvement. Our approach also promotes the collaboration between managers and employees in creating safer workplaces and promoting health and well-being.

Prevention is a cornerstone of our approach. It is our aim to prevent chronic illnesses, mitigate their complications, and to improve sickness rates through locally tailored measures and initiatives.

  • Our Global Health & Well-Being Program raises awareness among employees regarding health issues and motivates them to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.
  • Our Group-wide Employee Benefits Program, one of the largest worldwide, provides health insurance packages to employees in numerous countries to supplement statutory health insurance or provide healthcare where it does not exist.
  • In line with the Group’s “Safety First” approach, our occupational safety organization has made accident prevention its top priority. We empower and engage managers as well as employees in recognizing workplace hazards and taking appropriate action.

Our Corporate Health Policy lays out our goals and action measures for promoting workplace health within the Group. Our occupational safety requirements are defined in our Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement.

Achievements and targets
Focus area   KPI   Target 2016   Achievement
Occupational safety PwC   Accident rate (LTIFR)   Review and set suitable targets in 2016   Group-wide target set
Health management   Improve sickness rate and transparency on health risks   Capture best practices and enable exchange/knowledge transfer   Roll out Group-wide Health & Well-being platform in 2016
    Implement global health risk monitoring   Group-wide health risks are reported quarterly to the management
    Target 2017
Health management   Measure impact of Global Health & Well-being Program   Develop a calculation methodology
Occupational safety PwC   Accident rate (LTIFR)   Improve Group LTIFR to 3.8