At the end of 2016, our global workforce numbered some 510,000 employees, making us one of the biggest employers in both Germany and the world. The vast majority of our workforce is made up of employees who work in the operative side of the business and are responsible for processing and distributing shipments and goods. We also employ experts in a range of specialist disciplines. These include logistics experts, IT and finance specialists, and managers.

Workforce structure


Employee numbers1


Employee numbers

Given our position as the leading postal and logistics services provider, we were able to employ some 10,000 more employees in the reporting year as compared to 2015. Our global workforce, which now totals 508,036 employees, comprises 65% men and 35% women. The average age is 41. We have some 330,000 employees in Europe, making it the Group’s largest region in terms of employment numbers. Of these, around 211,000 employees are based in Germany, where our headquarters are located.

We offer men and women the same opportunities and career perspectives. In upper and middle management, the share of women in executive positions is 21.1%. We also strive to make the jobs and working models we offer more attractive to women, and to prepare suitable women employees for leadership roles.

One reason we are able to attract employees all over the world is that both our business and our workforce are international. In our Bonn headquarters alone, we employ people from approximately 50 different countries.

Developing our future workforce


We consider several factors when calculating and managing our future workforce structure – these include not only our operative requirements but the projected effects of fluctuation rates. Close and particular attention is paid to unplanned turnover, which includes the short-notice departure of employees due to changes in personal circumstances, for example.

Workforce fluctuation opens up opportunities for other employees, allowing them to assume new responsibilities and further their development. Internal hiring helps us retain expertise while new hires bring fresh ideas and new insights.

In 2016, average employee turnover Group-wide was around 15%, on par with the annual average in the transport and logistics sector. Over the course of the reporting year, approximately 8% of employees left the Group unplanned. Analyses show strong regional differences in our unplanned turnover figures. It is lowest in Europe (4%), where we employ the majority of our workforce. In the Americas and in Asia Pacific, it reaches into the double digits, an effect of the dynamic market environment.

Detailed data on fluctuation can be found in the Annex to this report.