New hires – internal and external recruitment

Instead of filling vacant positions or newly-created jobs primarily through the recruitment of external candidates, whenever appropriate, we make it a point to assign employees new responsibilities or give them opportunities for job advancement. Developing our training methods and HR development measures is therefore important for us and something we do as part of an ongoing process. Over 70% of vacant management positions in 2016 were filled with internal candidates.

Job applicants use our global online recruiting platform to learn about and apply for training and career opportunities within the Group. The platform is an effective way for finding the most suitable candidate for the job and filling open positions quickly and efficiently. We offer equal opportunities for both internal and external hires, as laid down in our Code of Conduct and the Deutsche Post DHL Group Diversity and Inclusion Statement. Applicants are judged on the basis of merit alone, and hiring decisions are based on the qualifications of each individual applicant.

Recruiting young employees

We offer a wide range of employment opportunities for job starters and recent graduates. There are, however, significant differences between the vocational training systems in different countries and regions. In many regions, apprenticeship training takes the form of on-the-job training. In Europe, training is mainly through vocational schools and colleges. Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland have special dual systems which combine on-the-job training at a company or organization with classroom learning at a state vocational school. We train our young employees according to the applicable norms, standards and guidelines in the respective countries and prepare them for their future role in professional life. In 2016, we received some 28,000 applications for apprenticeship positions in Germany.

We have established numerous trainee and college recruiting programs. The trainee program Graduate Opportunities Worldwide (GROW), for instance, develops outstanding recent graduates with Bachelor or Master’s degrees to become specialists and managers within our company. For the duration of the 18-month program, GROW trainees are supported by a mentor who provides them with regular feedback and career planning support. In 2016, 38 participants were selected from a pool of over 4,000 applicants.

We have also collaborated with the international student organization AIESEC since 1996 to provide more than 100 internships Group-wide each year for qualified university students. This helps strengthen our competitive position in the war for talent.

Vocational occupations and integrated degree programs in Germany

Deutsche Post DHL Group is one of the biggest vocational training companies in Germany. In 2016, we hired some 2,500 new apprentices and students. This brought the total number of apprentices to 4,000. Of these, 76% were hired into full-time positions – or part-time work if requested – after they had completed their training. We aim to continue with our vocational training policy and plan to offer 2,472 new apprenticeship and study positions in 2017.



We offer a wide range of vocational occupations. Depending on their level of education and individual interests, at our company in Germany, secondary school graduates can choose from over 15 different officially recognized apprenticeships and twelve integrated degree programs which combine university studies with fixed periods of work practice. Given that we receive 11.3 applicants for each apprenticeship position, we are able to fill vacant positions with highly qualified and ambitious candidates. Graduates who have completed one of the integrated study programs are in demand within our company and have the opportunity to take on management responsibility in a relatively short amount of time.