Development as a driver of motivation

A key prerequisite in motivating and retaining talented employees is their professional and personal development. Discovering and promoting the potential of our approximately 510,000 employees is thus an important function of our human resources management work. Against the backdrop of demographic change and given the differing educational levels in developing and emerging markets, this brings a number of challenges.

Group-wide Certified initiative: Turning employees into experts

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> 230,000

employees certified

We want to deliver first-class service and be our customers’ Provider of Choice. We also want to be the Employer of Choice for our employees. But we can only achieve both these goals by making our employees the best in the business and by giving them the opportunity to exploit their potential to the full. As part of the Group-wide Certified initiative, we want to turn 80% of our employees into experts in their respective divisions by 2020. More than 230,000 have already been certified.

The broad-based, modular program gives employees an insight into the business model, strategy and culture of their own division and enables them to acquire specific knowledge about the Group and the role they play within it. The Certified modules are conducted by company managers and employees whom we train as facilitators. These “home-grown” facilitators are key to the success of the program as they embody the values of our corporate culture and, since participating employees see them as being particularly credible, lend them special weight. Throughout the Group, 4,045 managers and employees have already been trained to facilitate Certified program modules.

Continuous development and systematic learning

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We also offer employees and managers a comprehensive catalog of further education and training opportunities:

  • Broad further education and training portfolio: the catalog of further education and training includes skills and talent programs, train-the-trainer courses, expert seminars and language lessons, and regional programs developed especially for employees in local-level business units. Many of these courses are available as online seminars, while some involve presence events or video conferencing.
  • Life-long learning: with our life-long learning, career development and preventive health programs, we secure the performance and motivation of employees in all age groups.
  • Personal development plans: development plans with appropriate measures and training are developed in conversations that take place regularly between employees and their managers. Wherever possible and practicable, training is conducted online using our eLearning platform. To aid decision-making for key career paths within the Group, we provide so-called Learning & Development Planning Guides.

One of our most important leadership principles for our managers is commitment to their own continual personal and professional development, and to the continued development of their employees. It also involves developing an awareness for the principles of our Code of Conduct so that managers can lead by example and better communicate the requirements of the Code.

To advance the Group strategy and further develop the company’s leadership culture, higher-level executives take part in a range of different programs with a view to developing their leadership skills and helping their employees to give their best every day:

  • Group-wide programs: modular development programs based on training methods such as reflection, feedback and coaching. Through active participation in these programs, the members of the Board of Management play a central role by sharing their own management experience.
  • Specialized and customized training: leadership seminars and development programs specially tailored to individual needs.


million hours

of education and training

In 2016, 76% of our workforce spent more than 4.6 million hours in various online training courses and classroom education measures. This is equivalent to an average of 1.5 training days per year for each of our employees. Further education and training programs are available without restriction to all employees provided that they have an indefinite employment contract, and subject to operational needs.