Dialogue with our employees


We use our Group-wide internal communications channels to promote a corporate culture of openness and shape opinion within the company. Internal communications is designed not only to inform employees, but to give them direction, encourage them to support our company’s goals, and strengthen their identification with the Group. Our internal communication measures focus on communicating corporate messages and values, details of current issues and developments, and the exchange of information across our divisions and regions.

We foster dialogue through the use of new, interactive offerings and we support collaboration and networking with innovative applications in our Group-wide corporate intranet. Using a broad range of communications channels, such as the Extranet, newsletters, digital wall displays, print media, posters and flyer-based campaigns, we ensure that all employees, both those with access to a computer workstation and those without, always receive information that is of particular relevance to them.

Our employees at all levels of our organization receive timely information about key developments and organizational changes that could impact their work. In addition to event-type formats, such as staff meetings and video conferences, we place great importance on one-to-one talks. Our managers are therefore committed to seeking and maintaining trust-based dialogue with their employees.