Employee satisfaction

The loyalty and positive mindset of our employees are contributing factors to our business success and for achieving our strategic goals. The following aspects play a key role in strengthening employee trust, motivation and loyalty:

  • We give our employees a voice: we use our annual Group-wide Employee Opinion Survey to measure employee engagement and see where we need to improve from our employees’ point of view. Results from the “Active Leadership” section of the survey, a central non-financial performance metric for the Group, are tied to bonus payments for company executives.
  • We offer performance-based, market-standard remuneration that is aligned with business goals and provides long-term incentives. We also foster motivation and engagement by offering attractive non-financial benefits such as flexible working models.
  • We offer our employees excellent development and training opportunities, and give them the space they need to develop their potential.
  • We practice and promote an open dialogue based on honesty, respect and trust, and use a range of communications channels and formats to make sure our employees receive timely information on matters such as new developments and organizational changes within the Group.
  • We leverage our employees’ expertise: as specialists in their fields, they are best placed to identify areas for improvement in existing processes. We offer a broad training program to enable employees to learn and apply First Choice methodologies based on Six Sigma and Lean.
  • We encourage our employees to take an active role in improving their work environment. They can submit their suggestions via the online idea management platform. We use a bonus system to honor ideas that result in a proven benefit.
  • We support our employees’ commitment to serving their communities and protecting the environment.