Local employee relations due diligence


We conduct regular country-level Employee Relations Assessments as part of our ER due diligence process. These help us to:

  • Raise awareness for the importance of good employee relations and anticipate future trends, especially in emerging economies
  • Gain insight into employee relations in the respective countries
  • Identify challenges in this area and help local management address them with the right tools and processes

The experience gathered since introducing the ER due diligence process in 2013 has helped us to sharpen our focus and place greater emphasis on issues such as freedom of association, working hours and employment conditions.

ER due diligence includes round-table sessions with randomly selected employees from various operating areas. Conducted according to our core value of respect, the round-tables allow employees to voice their opinions. Feedback from these sessions is provided anonymously to management, which is accountable for developing and implementing appropriate actions.

Integral to the due diligence process is cross-divisional exchange between HR experts and business managers as well as the Certified module “Building Great Employee Relations”. These measures enable our managers throughout the Group to carry out their daily duties in a way that supports the Group’s aspiration of becoming Employer of Choice.

ER due diligence is conducted by HR experts from Group headquarters to ensure the necessary levels of competence and objectivity. Countries are selected according to a set of criteria aligned with the divisions. In dialogue with Group headquarters, members of local management develop action plans based on due diligence results. Three ER due diligences were carried out in Asia in the reporting year. Additional due diligence procedures are planned for Latin America and Asia in 2017.

We seek to bring our ER due diligence process into closer alignment with internationally recognized standards and plan to achieve external certification.