Employee Relations Forum expands its scope


The Employee Relations Forum (ER Forum) addresses employee relations issues worldwide that could have cross-divisional or Group-wide impact. The ER Forum is a governance body consisting of employee relations experts from all divisions and from Group headquarters. Action recommendations made by the ER Forum are discussed and approved by the HR Board. Additional ER Forum action areas include:

  • Sharing best-practice solutions and processes from the regions and divisions
  • Developing training courses tailored to local needs
  • Facilitating exchange at regional and country level among the divisions
  • Deepening our understanding of stakeholder requirements and expectations with regard to employee relations and human rights issues

In the course of the reporting year, the Forum intensified its collaboration with internal departments such as Corporate Procurement, the Global Compliance Office and the CR experts in Corporate Communications and Responsibility, and reinforced existing processes. Members of the ER Forum work in various parts of the world, ensuring that local and regional experiences and insights are shared. In addition to these monthly meetings, a workshop was held with the Head of HR to discuss trends and set priorities for 2016. We also publish a bi-weekly newsletter for employees in HR and provide summaries for management-level employees as a way to raise awareness for employee relations issues within the Group.

Training and awareness


Another way we raise awareness about employee relations and human rights issues and how they impact our company is through training modules included in our Group-wide Certified initiative. The module “Building Great Employee Relations” targets managers and was introduced over the course of the reporting year. During this time, a total of 700 employees completed the course. The module is available in key languages across the Group and will be translated into additional languages in the near future.

We also developed a module for HR experts to enable them to help local managers in applying the Code of Conduct on-site and support in efforts to improve employee relations. We conducted three pilot trainings in the reporting year and plan to roll out the module Group-wide in 2017.