Employee relations

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Respect and fairness in the workplace are values that we live by at Deutsche Post DHL Group. They are also embedded in our Code of Conduct. The Code serves as an ethical compass to guide us in how we treat one another within the Group. We expect our managers to lead by example in both behavior and values, fostering the corporate culture and the principles of Deutsche Post DHL Group in everything they do. The Code of Conduct is therefore an integral component of our employment contracts with our managers.

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are committed to respecting human rights in our employee relations and, as laid down in our Supplier Code of Conduct, require that our suppliers do the same when dealing with their own employees. To demonstrate our respect for human rights, we worked with our entities in the UK to prepare a Modern Slavery Statement pursuant to the UK Modern Slavery Act. The Statement outlines our approach for detecting and preventing modern slavery in our supply chain operations.

We believe that a corporate culture that is free from discrimination and in which the performance and engagement of each and every employee are honored will help us to become Employer of Choice. By putting sustainable employee relations structures in place, we have created the framework necessary for achieving this goal.
We aim to: 

  • Strengthen the engagement and motivation of our employees
  • Empower our executives and managers to interact with their teams openly, appropriately and responsibly
  • Anticipate future trends and respond accordingly with new or adjusted processes

Our approach to employee relations has been well received and officially recognized by internal and external stakeholders.