Women in executive positions

The share of women in upper and middle management in the reporting year was 21.1%. Measures implemented in 2016 resulted in a slight increase compared with 2015.


women in management positions

We report at regular intervals to the HR Board and the Board of Management on the status of women in leadership positions, and advise on ways to effect further improvement. In 2016, the HR Board decided to review and enhance the Group’s HR processes. A succession action plan was prepared to ensure that all candidates with equal qualifications and suitability receive the same consideration regardless of gender.

As part of our annual succession planning process, we take an equitable, gender-neutral approach when reviewing employee profiles for suitability and readiness to take on management roles. We then prepare the employees we select for their next career step and provide them with targeted development support.

We also have a number of Group-wide programs in place which are designed to achieve a continual and lasting increase in the share of women in management roles. These include career planning and work-life balance workshops, career coaching, mentoring programs and networks for women. In Germany, we provide flexible working models as well as childcare-related services. We also use our internal media to report regularly on the topic of women in management positions, how they reconcile work and family life, and showcase mixed leadership teams that are helping to drive business success.

A key area of focus in 2016 involved the implementation of the German Act on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the Private and Public Sectors. In accordance with this legislation, we committed to increasing the share of women in the first management level to 19% and to 23% in the second management level at our principal company, Deutsche Post AG in Germany, by the end of 2016. With the share of women in the first management level at 18.4% in 2016, we came close to our target of 19% for the reporting year. We significantly exceeded our 23% target for the second management level, achieving 28.4%.

More detailed information on this subject is included in our Corporate Governance Report 2016.