Living diversity

We create a working environment that enables people with disabilities to take an active part in working life. In 2016, we employed a total of 15,456 persons with disabilities at our principal company in Germany, Deutsche Post AG. This represents an average annual employment rate of 9.9% and was once again well above the national average in Germany’s private sector (4.1% in 2014; source: German Federal Employment Agency).


employees with disabilities

We make it a point to approach people with disabilities and offer them the opportunity to learn a trade. At the end of 2016, 16 youths with disabilities were enrolled in apprenticeships at our principal company Deutsche Post AG in Germany. As part of our work with the German charity “Aktion Mensch”, 20 new internships have been made available for people with disabilities since 2016.

We are also actively involved in educational campaigns and engaged in dialogue with associations, institutions and other companies on issues of inclusion in the workplace. We share our experience with disability-friendly workplace solutions with external platforms. Elected representatives are also in place to represent the interests of employees with disabilities within the Group.

The following initiatives demonstrate what is being done across the Group to promote inclusive employment of people with disabilities.

  • As part of our Diversity Week activities in France, a campaign on the subject of “Inclusion of Employees with Disabilities” was launched in cooperation with French partner organization SAMETH.
  • On behalf of our customer L’Oreal in Spain, we collaborated with the local Ilunion Foundation to establish an ultra-modern co-packing operation that employs an average of 150 people with disabilities, and as many as 265 during peak business periods. These employees, 50% with physical disabilities and 50% with mental disabilities, package and dispatch some 23 million shipments per year. The initiative was officially recognized for its contribution to inclusion in the workplace.
  • At one of our warehouses in Örebro, Sweden, we have worked for more than ten years with Samhall, the Swedish state-run employment agency, to promote the integration of employees with disabilities. Around one-quarter of the warehouse staff are people with physical or mental disabilities.

LGBTI diversity

We embrace and respect gender and sexual diversity, and as a globally active enterprise we believe we have special responsibility in this regard. Eight years ago, we established our Group-wide RAINBOWNET network for LGBTI employees. Founded in Germany, the network has contact with employees in several other European countries as well as in Malaysia, Singapore and the US.

At the invitation of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), in September 2016 we participated in a regional Europe Workshop in Brussels together with other representatives from business, NGOs and the trade unions. The aim was to discuss recommendations to help transnational corporations combat discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.

Deutsche Post DHL Group is also one of the founding members of the PROUT AT WORK Foundation. Established in January 2014, the organization is committed to greater recognition and equal opportunity for LGBTI employees in the workplace. With a seat on the PROUT AT WORK advisory board, Deutsche Post DHL Group has the opportunity to shape the foundation’s work and send a clear message in favor of diversity. Over the course of the reporting year, Deutsche Post DHL Group took part in the PROUT EMPLOYER program and enabled our employees to attend various PROUT events. These included a workshop for lesbians, a seminar for homosexual and bisexual employees on the topic of Coming Out at Work, and the PROUT AT WORK conference.